Cheap Package Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package, Probolinggo East Java

Surabaya Mount Bromo midnight tour package – Confused to find cheap packages to Mount Bromo Probolingo East Java? Don’t worry because you are already on the website right here. Maybe you have clicked there, look for the price of the most suitable Bromo midnight tour package, but you haven’t found it yet. At this is the last place you can make your reference because we provide a price that is very suitable for your needs. It’s true if you choose this Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package because this package is the cheapest tour package to Mount Bromo than the other packages.

Cheap Mount Bromo Midnight Tour Package

Bromo Midnight Tour Package From Surabaya / Malang
One day Bromo tour package to visit the beauty of Mount Bromo is always the choice of most people today. Apart from indeed saving enough on Bromo tourism costs, this package also saves you time in Mount Bromo. Just imagine that it only takes about 12 hours, you can see all the famous tourist attractions on Mount Bromo.

This 12 hour Mount Bromo package can also be reached from two locations at once, namely by picking up from the city of Surabaya or from the city of Malang (the city of stone). So what kind of program do we offer from this package? Well, without further ado we give you the details of the program.

  • The first thing to do was to make a pickup location agreement.
  • The pickup team in Surabaya / mall according to the agreement
  • Pick-up time is around 10:00 p.m.
  • Then go directly to the Bromo area, Probolinggo Line (3-4 hours)
  • When arriving in the Bromo area, directly take the Jeep Bromo
  • The initial visit is Penanjakan 1 or king kong hill
  • The next visit is the crater of Bromo, the temple of noble potential
  • Next from the crater we transfer to Padang Savanah (Teletubies Hill)
  • The last tourist spot is whispering sand
  • When all the objects have been visited, you are taken to the main car again
  • Arriving at the main car, go straight to the delivery location (can Surabaya or Malang)
  • Until the final destination, Mount Bromo Midnight tour Package program is complete

Above we have explained for a description of the journey from this one Bromo tour package, then what price do we offer you? Please see the midnight Bromo tour package price table below.

Price Surabaya Mount Bromo Midnight Tour 

4 participants IDR 750,000 per PAX
5 IDR 550,000 per PAX
6 IDR 500,000 per PAX

Facilities of Mount Bromo Midnight tour package

  • Transport (car, driver, fuel, toll, parking) adjust the number of participants and customer requests.
  • 4 × 4 Jeep 2 locations (climbing 1 and Bromo crater) / 4 locations (climbing 1 / Bromo crater / savanna field “BUKIT TELETUBBIES” / whispering sand)
  • Entrance ticket to Mount Bromo Tourism Area
  • Mineral water during the tour
  • Mask

If the number of your participants does not match those in the table, then please contact our service contact directly. Join to enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo, because we have enough experience and services that have been proven since 2011.

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